My Soccer Club: Blacktown District

  • Your club name: Blacktown Districts Soccer Football Association 
  • Country your club is based: Australia
  • State/region/town your club is based: Blacktown, SYDNEY 
  • Your role within the club (if any): parent
  • Your favorite soccer drill or page from FYSD (check the left hand columns for some inspiration) and why: Pass, shoot, score. Because it shows the boys the value of passing in front of a player to make the run and not just to the feet
  • Tell us anything you like about your soccer club and what makes it so great: Our players represent our district in Association football in a semi professional league from U9 to first grade. There is a trial process each year and the club also offers an academy for kids 7 & 8 who have shown potential from club scouts. Those kids attend a 16-20 week academy in preparation for selection the following year. They have full coaching staff for all ages and show the kids how to act professional with their training, playing and also off the field. Our kids have all shown growth in skills, maturity and also sportsmanship. 
  • Any advice you have for coaches and parents: Always remember that the kids react to a coaching style suited to individuals as well as the team as a whole. The kids need to be taught the value of team work and also the value of practising in their own time. Parents should always offer support to coaching staff as best they can
  • Thanks for the site and for offering simple tutorials. Great work

Best of luck to Blacktown District all the way from Australia! Remember lads, keep the ball on the deck and play out from the back.


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