Soccer Tournaments

This page is dedicated to all the major soccer tournaments around the world. I will provide details of all of the teams who have qualified for the finals of each tournament, the players to watch out for and full schedules of who's playing when and where.

Major tournaments only come round once every few years but when they do there is a real sense of excitement around international soccer especially with the world cup. Billions of dollars are spent on these tournaments and with tv coverage having improved dramatically in recent years watching from home or in bars makes you feel like your actually there!

I will be starting with the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Click on the links below to learn more about each tournament.

Previous Soccer Tournaments

Take a look below at previous world cup soccer tournaments. Every player in the world dreams of lifting the magnificent world cup trophy but very few have with the tournament only coming round once every four years and great teams always taking part.


Year             Winner             Runner-Up            Host Nation        Score

1930            Uruguay           Argentina              Uruguay            4-2

1938            Italy               Czechoslovakia        Italy                4-2

1942           N/A - due to World War 2

1946           N/A - due to World War 2

1950            Uruguay           Brazil                   Brazil                 2-1

1954           W.Germany        Hungary              Switzerland         3-2

1958           Brazil                Sweden               Sweden             5-2

1962           Brazil               Czechoslovakia       Chile                 3-1

1966           England            W.Germany            England            4-2

1970           Brazil                Italy                    Mexico              4-1

1974           W. Germany       Netherlands          Germany            2-1

1978           Argentina          Netherlands          Argentina           3-1

1982           Italy                W.Germany           Spain                3-1

1986           Argentina         W. Germany           Mexico              3-2

1990          W. Germany       Argentina              Italy                 1-0

1994          Brazil                Italy                     USA                 0-0p

1998          France             Brazil                     France              3-0

2002          Brazil               Germany                Japan                2-0 

2006          Italy                France                  Germany            1-1p

2010          Spain               Netherlands            South Africa       1-0

2014          Germany           Argentina               Brazil

European Championship

Year             Winner             Runner-Up            Host Nation        Score

1960          Soviet Union       Yugoslavia           France             2-1aet

1964          Spain               Soviet Union          Spain               2-1

1968          Italy                 Yugoslavia            Italy                2-0

1972          W.Germany       Soviet Union         Belgium             3-0

1976        Czechoslovakia      W.Germany          Yugoslavia        2-2

1980         W.Germany         Belgium              Italy                 2-1

1984        France               Spain                 France               2-0

1988        Netherlands         Soviet Union         W.Germany       2-0

1992       Denmark              Germany             Sweden             2-0

1996        Germany            Czezh Rep.           England             2-1

2000        France              Italy          Belgium & Netherlands      2-1

2004        Greece             Portugal             Portugal                1-0

2008        Spain              Germany       Austria & Switzerland      1-0

2012        Spain               Italy             Poland & Ukraine          4-0

2016         Portugal           France                 France              1-0aet

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