Soccer Moves - Skills, Turns & Tricks

We ALL love to see professional players perform exciting soccer moves to beat opposing players.The most highly rated and memorable soccer players in the world all seem to have great ability on the ball and able to beat players with ease.

This page gives you FREE access to loads of different skills.

Performing a skill, turn or trick and beating other players is a truly great feeling! It also gives a player tremendous confidence which in turn can lead to better performances on the field of play.

If you are a coach then this page will offer you great tips to help your team become more skilful. Just about every soccer coaching drills you do can incorporate a turn or a piece of skill.

Tricks and turns can help a player not only become more skilful but also help there overall confidence on the ball. Remember, confidence is the key to success!

"Do you want to know what the really great news is?"

These skills are easy to learn and really do work! All you need to do is practice.

Remember - practice makes Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi (perfect!)

To help you decide which moves you would like to learn I have divided them into three sections.

Skills, turns and tricks.

Skills - Learn these to beat (get past) opposing players.

Turns - change direction quickly and gain confidence on the ball. CLICK HERE!

Tricks - Impress your friends with these simple tricks.

If you want to research some cool soccer players who have graced the games for a number of years and use awesome skills, turns and tricks then look in to the below:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Lionel Messi
  • Joyan Cruyff
  • George Best
  • David Ginola
  • Ronaldinho

As a coach remember to only use skills that are relevant to the age you are coaching. A five year old will not be able to do the double scissors for example which can be found in the 'skills' section! However, they should be able to get to grips with the more simple soccer moves such as the 'drag-back' turn found under 'turns' above.

Good luck and keep practicing!

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