Soccer Practice Plans & Drills U10 - U12

The soccer practice plans and drills on this page start to focus a lot more on teamwork whilst still seeing to the needs of the individual at all times.

This is the age when players need to begin to start 'thinking' for themselves.

Up to this point each player has been coached by one or more people and have been told what they should or shouldn't do.

Now is the time for them to think "should I pass or should I dribble?" or "should I tackle or should I hold the player up?".


U10 - 12

Brazil Soccer (first touch) - U10-U12

Pass, Shoot, Score & More - U10-U12

3v1 Drill - U10-U12

Wide Crosses (with gates) - U10-U12

Through Ball & Pass - U10-U12

1v1 Quick Drill - U10-U12

Corner Kick Drill - U10-U12

Remember, the best way for any player to learn is to let them play. Watch the players in a game and see if they are beginning to think about the best options.

As a coach you also need to occasionally spend time focusing on the needs of each individual player. Focusing on each players strengths and weaknesses.

The players' needs may be to become more skilful or perhaps just pass the ball more accurately.

This age group should begin looking more seriously at skills and tricks for gaining confidence on the ball and beating opposing players.

Offer guidance on what they can improve in their own spare time.

The characteristics of this age group begin to change dramatically. This is where puberty really begins to set in and emotions can run high.

Be extra sensitive if a player doesn't appear to be themselves.

Take a look at the links on the left hand side and i'm sure you will find some drills that will help your players improve in a variety of different areas.

It can still be difficult for players of this age group to kick the ball long distances. Therefore any drills you may be looking for that work on 'crossing the ball' or 'set-pieces' can be found under the U13+ Drills.

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