How to Play Soccer

How to play soccer. Its a very open question and one that is not easy to answer. However, I am going to divide this page into smaller sections that will hopefully help to answer this question.

This page will focus upon what an individual needs to succeed as a soccer player. Any human being with 2 working legs can attempt to play soccer but this page will aim to make an average player into a better player or even a champion!

If you would like to know the rules for how to play soccer... click here!

The best way to learn soccer is through playing. The greatest players in the world spent hours everyday as a child playing on street corners or in their back yards just with a ball at their feet.

Get a ball at your feet and take lots of little touches on the ball and gain confidence and an understanding on how the ball moves. The best bit is it doesn't matter if you make a bad touch, fall over or miss the goal... because its all good practice.

An important thing you must do is learn from your mistakes. Ask yourself why did the ball do that? Could I have angled my foot or body differently? Practice is the key!

Nevertheless, nothing can prepare you for the big game.

You may be really good at beating your little sister in the back yard but look quite foolish in an actual game on match day. Don't worry! Nerves and inexperience always hinder players' touches on the ball and general play.

Once again, learn through playing competitive games as well and remain positive.

As mentioned before practice is key and its important for a young player to practice their skills. It helps if a player has a certain amount of athleticism if they are to become a good player. Being over-weight, unfit or generally clumsy will not help a player become great at soccer.

If you'd like to know how to play soccer skilfully just click on this link.

A good idea is to watch others and see how they play. Whether it be players similar to your own ability or top professionals.

Try to understand why players make certain decisions during a game. Why did they make a pass rather than dribble with the ball for example?

There are many pages on this website which can help you become a better player. Try the nutrition page to learn about what food to eat or perhaps the positions page to help you understand your role on the soccer pitch.

Click here to find out information on positions.

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