Soccer Training Drills U13+

These soccer training drills are aimed toward the older, more experienced youth players!

These drills are also suitable for adult players and teams although some drills may need to be adapted slightly depending upon the experience and skill of the individuals.

These drills begin to work more upon team development rather than just player development. Playing as a team is very important and vital to winning trophies.

A typical drill for this age group is the 'Y touch & go'. This drill looks at improving a players touch technique and is a quick, continuous drill. This enables all players involved to have plenty of touches on the ball and help them improve their first touch.

The characteristics of this age group begin to change dramatically. This is where puberty really begins to set in and emotions can run high. Be extra sensitive if a player doesn't appear to be themselves.

Some players who previously struggled physically may suddenly grow and become stronger which can be good for the player however it may change their ability to play in certain positions.

Soccer drills for older players can quite often be easier to coach becuase the players have been playing for a number of years and can think for themselves with little guidance required.

New aspects to the game of soccer should start to be looked at such as set pieces (corners / free-kicks) and playing the offside trap in the correct way as examples. Games can often be decided upon who deals with set pieces the best (both offensively and defensively) and the same goes for defenders playing the offside trap and attackers knowing when to make a run forward.

I hope you find what you are looking for from these drills and if you feel they are too advanced, check out the U10-U12 drills.

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