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If you like soccer video clips - you'll love this page! Free Youth Soccer Drills have researched the best soccer clips on the web just for your very own enjoyment.

This video highlights some of the best soccer goals in the world!

Take a look:

Great Goals

So you have seen soccer video clips on the best goals ever scored... want to see more great skill and goals from the best players in the world? Check these out.

Great Players

Some of the great players of the world can be seen in this clip. Take a look at the ones below in more detail in yourt spare time and study their skills and movement - phenomenal!

22 - Bobby Charlton

19 - Christiano Ronaldo

18 Zinedine Zidane

15 - Lionel Messi

13 - Gerd Muller

12 - Rivelinho

11 - Zico (what a special player he was!)

10 - Ronaldo

8 - Maldini (One of the great defenders of all time)

6 - Johann Cruyff

3 - Maradona

2 - Beckenbauer (Best defender ever?)

1 - Pele (not a bad 1st choice)

These players are the best in the world for one reason... they practice hard and learn from their mistakes. Soccer also has some crazy moments which the next clip will show.

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If you have enjoyed the previous soccer video clips... nows the time to relax and laugh at the poor few on this video.

Funny Soccer Clips

These funny soccer moments are just hilarious.

0:02 - I don't know what the manager is thinking here?!

0:17 - Poor Referee's assistant (not linesman anymore ;-))

0:27 - This kid gets hammered with the ball!

0:35 - Lightning can strike twice

1:16 - Hole in the net (referee's job to check)

1:44 - "I saw it hit his head..." Said the player in yellow.

1:57 - Too much of a good thing, is not a good thing!

2:08 - Stand under repair, I think the other three stands were full?

2:32 - what's this goalie seen?

2:41 - How's you face...?

3:10 - Someone doesn't like Robert Pires.

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