Backyard Soccer Drill -
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This fun backyard soccer drill is a favourite amongst young kids. It is a straight-forward drill that works on the kids' passing technique.


You will need a marked out area wide and long enough for the amount of players you have available. You will also need a line marked out with cones to seperate the players. The same amount of soccer balls to player ratio will work out fine for this game.


The kids will be split into two teams. Each team stands either side of the marked out line. Tell the kids that they have to clean their room quicker than the other team and after one minute whichever team has the tidiest room wins.

When you shout GO! the kids have to pass a soccer ball into the other teams bedroom to make it messier. Once a ball comes back into their area they should once again kick it back.

Make sure the kids use the correct passing technique. If the ball is kicked past the player they should chase after it and do a drag-back turn to face the other direction. (For turns - see the skills and tricks page on my website). After one minute stop the kids and see who has the least balls in their area and therefore the tidiest room!


This is called a backyard soccer drill because it can be played just about anywhere with little set-up required. You could progress from this orginal version by splitting the teams up into three or four sections and having the kids kick their soccer balls in different directions.

coaching points

-> Make sure the kids use little touches and demonstrate what happens if you kick the ball too far in a game.

-> See if the kids can change direction by placing the bottom of their foot on the ball and rolling it behind them. This will eventually turn into the drag-back turn. Do this step by step with them!

-> Make sure the kids use the inside and outside of their feet whilst dribbling - not their toes.

-> Make sure the inside of the foot is used when making a pass.

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