Soccer Drill - body parts

A fun little soccer drill that kids will love is 'body parts'. This is a straight forward game that gets the kids to dribble the soccer ball and also assist in their body balance.


You will need a marked out area not too large to keep the kids close to you. The kids will need a soccer ball each and you will need one too to show them what to do.


This soccer game is about getting the kids to use different parts of their body to balance on the soccer ball. On your command the young kids will dribble their ball around the area. Once you shout out a part of the body (e.g. foot) the kids have to stop dribbling and put that part of their body on the ball.

When you call "carry on dribbling" the kids will do just that and await the next body part. Try using parts of the body which may be difficult for them to balance on e.g. their knee, elbows, head, back.


To make this drill more fun get the kids to do animal impressions. For example, tell the kids to sit and the ball and act like a chicken. Perhaps they could put the ball between their legs and hop like a kangaroo. Use your imagination and keep it fun.

Coaching Points

-> Don't let the kids put their hands on the soccer ball

-> See if the kids can change direction by placing the bottom of their foot on the ball and rolling it behind them. This will eventually turn into the drag-back turn. Do this step by step with them!

-> Get the kids to say with you 'oh no big toe' to encourage them not to use their toes to dribble the ball.

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