Soccer Game - U6 Triangle Challenge!

This soccer game is great for coaching kids how to change direction whilst dribbling with their soccer ball. I have used this drill for adult soccer players to in a different context and I'm sure I will include it in a revised drill in the older section.


Take a look at the diagram below for the triangle challenge. You will see that there are numerous triangles in the grid all made up by three cones each.


This soccer game is more like a drill than a game, however there's no reason why you can't make it fun as well as getting all the necessary coaching points in.

The basic idea to this drill will be for the kids to dribble into a triangle in the grid between two cones and exit the triangle through a seperate two cones (as demonstrated on the diagram).

There are plenty of progression ideas for this drill. I always like to start with everyone starting on the sidelines and then shouting "GO!" with the players dribbling through as many triangles as they can in sixty seconds. This makes it more exciting for the kids.

The next soccer game within the triangle challenge can be to use different parts of the foot. This time, (remember to demonstrate first everytime) the players can only use the inside of their foot when exiting the triangle.

For example, the player in the diagram with the arrows can dribble the ball however he likes into the triangle but once inside he or she must use the inside of their foot to change direction and exit the triangle.

Time the players for sixty seconds once more. You can probably guess the progression ideas to come - after using the inside of the foot, next use the outside of the foot.

Next time use the bottom of the foot. The player will dribble into the triangle and use the bottom of the foot to 'roll' the ball to the side before dribbling to a new triangle.


A great progression in this soccer game which I use for the older kids aswell is the use of skills, tricks and flicks.

Everytime a player enters a triangle they have to do a skill, trick or flick to exit the triangle without bumping into anyone or knocking over a cone.

The best ones to use are the scissors where the player can pretend that the cone directly in front of them once inside a triangle is a player and they must use the scissors (step-over) to escape. Others include the matthews/donovan, Ljungberg and Rivaldo turn (if you have no idea what these are... please go to the 'Skills & Tricks' page of my website).

You can also use this drill to practice turns. The dragback turn, Cruyff turn, Inside and Outside hook work really well here!

Coaching Points

-> Make sure the kids use little touches and demonstrate at every new coaching point.

-> Make sure the kids use the inside and outside of their feet whilst dribbling - not their toes.

-> Make sure the kids change direction frequently and keep their heads up to see where they are going and ensure they do not bump into anyone.

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