Soccer Video Clips 2

If you liked soccer video clips - you'll love this page too! Free Youth Soccer Drills have researched the best soccer clips on the web just for your very own enjoyment.

The first 5:20 minute clip is all about great skills and goals that come with them. The best skills ever seen. Take a look...

Great Skills

Take a look at the excellent skills in this video. At the start you will see Messi dribbling the ball past countless opposition players, he centre of gravity is always close to the ground to enable him to move direction suddenly whilst at pace. Enjoy!

Great Freestyle Skills

So.... this young Asian lad is called Yo. He is very good at freestyling with the ball.

I can do a few of these skills but this guy is a different class. These skills wont perhaps win you games but they look good and can help you feel confident with the ball at your feet.

Check out the Skills and Tricks page on the left hand side to see step by step guides on how to perform some of these.

Key moments in this soccer video clip:

0:20 - Yo shows his class with his feet. In order to perform this you must have a delicate touch.

0:44 - One of the best freestyle skills I have ever seen where he heads the ball backwards.

1:02 - This trick is called around the world where your foot after flicking the ball up goes around the ball before touching it again. Yo goes extreme!

1:34 - I wonder if this guy ever did karate or gymnastics?

1:45 - Yo shows that he has skills as well as just tricks with this Ronaldinho special.

2:12 - Control is so important in soccer and this effort is spot-on!

2:17 - ... and what a great way to end this soccer video than by proving that even Yo is actually human.

If you have enjoyed the previous soccer video clips... nows the time to learn how the pros celebrate after scoring.

Soccer Celebrations

These soccer celebrations are just hilarious and a little bit cool.

0:22 - I understand that he does this on the dance floor at the local bar!

0:57 - Players often get creative with their celebrations and express other passions... like Karate perhaps?

1:18 - Peter Crouch does the robot.

2:42 - backflips are always cool. Yellow cards have to be given now when players mix with the crowd our take off their shirts.

3:56 - The cradle: someone has had a baby recently.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these clips. There are plenty more to come. Team goals, individual goals, tournament goals and free kicks all on the next page, just click on the link below.

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