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If you like soccer videos - you'll love this page! Free Youth Soccer Drills have researched the best soccer clips.

You can read books on how to coach or be a better player but what it comes down to is learning from seeing somebody do the skill, trick or move on a video or in person and then trying it for yourself.

The first clip is all about team goals and the importance of the build up play. Take a look... think about how your team could play soccer like this. Its all to do with knowing where your team-mates are and having the confidence to perform certain passes. Movement is also key to keep the move going.

Team Goals

Take a look at the top 20 team goals, you will see the best players on the planet from years gone by play excellent soccer with their team mates and still manage to finish the move with a goal.

Individual goals

This 9:59 minute clip has some of the best pieces of individual skill to create a goal that you will ever see from soccer videos... and they are all from one man!

Key moments in this soccer video clip:

0:07 - A delightful little chip from the 2011 world player of the year.

3:00 - Another superb goal from Lionel Messi.

4:47 - An extra piece of effort here to take the ball away from the defender and a great strike.

5:54 - Quick feet and unbelievable composure from the Argentine.

7:28 - A great goal against the French team Lyon... with a little bit of luck aswell.

8:47 - An international goal against Mexico with a terrific chip!

If you have enjoyed the previous soccer videos... nows the time to see the best goals on the top stage. These guys are the best of the best and have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today. They are representing their country at what they do best.

Tournament goals

These tournament goals are truly brilliant - check out this 3:43 clip from different World Cups.

The current format of the World Cup involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month – this phase is often called the World Cup Finals.

0:10 - This goal is technically brilliant, check out this scissor kick!

0:24 - A free kick with the outside of the foot...?!?

1:26 - David Platt for England with a great volley into the net.

2:02 - Michael Owen scores this great goal against Argentina.

3:33 - This is the way to dribble the ball... with a bit of luck along the way.

I hope you have enjoyed these World Cup goals.Take a look at the next soccer videos.

Free Kicks

These 10 Free-Kicks are truly special... take a look. Remember to take a look at the distance away from the goal and technique that the players use when executing these free kicks.

10 - Riquelme

9 - Juninho

8 - De Rosario (the curve on this ball is phenomenal!)

7 - Ronaldinho (Did he mean it..?)

6 - Zola

5 - Juninho (Long Range)

4 - Maradona (Short Range)

3 - Recoba

2 - Edu

1 - Roberto Carlos (Truly Special)

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